This blog tells of the trials and tribulations of one 'Fraser Mills' a.k.a. Dub Fiend, a Dubstep artist who hails from Nottingham in the UK. Basically, this blog was set up to allow for one big vent for the various goings on in the world of Dub Fiend (including some other random shit too) so please make sure to check back regularly to see what agwarn in the world of Dub Fiend.


Aug 30, 2010
@ 9:51 am

I think I’ve just come to the conclusion that the Apple staff are a bunch of upper-class twits. I just went on the ‘Staff Recommendations’ section on the App Store and there was shit like the ‘Ocado’ App, ‘The Guardian Online’, a ‘Wagamama’ App, a ‘National Trust’ App and finally, a Royal Horticultural Society App concerning how to grow your own plants. What the fuck is this shit?

— Me, Right Now


Aug 26, 2010
@ 11:06 am

This week in Dub Fiend land…

Y-Yo yo yooooo!

Welcome back to my boudoir faithful followers… Unfortunately for you, nothing hanky-panky shall be occurring, just some news on gigs and other shit :)

Three things to mention of late… I’ve been working on some really nice breaks-oriented Dubstep recently and although chopping breaks up and stuff isn’t usually my bag, the results of this foray into a different style of Dubstep have been fruitful indeed… So much so I’m going to be sending this track out to DJs and labels in the coming weeks methinks…

Two tunes I have written so far have incorporated sampled breaks as a part of their construction; a jungle/dance-oriented tune with a low, rumbling reese bass that harks back to vibes of 1992, and a jazz-inspired tune with some nice, loose breaks that arose when my main man Benicio ( decided to pop down from Manchester to write some beats with me. Although I cannot make these tunes public at the moment (for obvious reasons), the tracks are probably going to be released onto Soundcloud in the next six weeks (with the Benicio collaboration going onto our own Soundcloud @ and more information concerning any releases will be coming in the future :)

Secondly, I’m playing out tonight in Wolverhampton tonight as part of the Deja Music night at the Quadrant Lounge… It’s gonna be pretty big, with music from a number of different genres and styles, so if you’re in the area then make your way down there for a good time :D

And last but by no means least, there is some talk about getting ‘The Sub Sessions EP’ released in the near future and with a pretty big label too… No more details may pass my lips, but please stay tuned for more info as it comes ;D

Catch you later peeps,

Peace and Dubs,

Dub Fiend


Aug 20, 2010
@ 12:11 am

Number of posts on = Directly proportional to importance in the Dubstep scene.

— 'Cloak and Dagger', - Hmm, just found this..


Aug 19, 2010
@ 11:51 pm

Pop the Cherry

Ahh… Good evening you fine connoisseur of all things beats and bass-related, can I offer you a drink? Scotch? Brandy? Purple Drank perhaps?

Tomfoolery aside, this post signals the start of my diary-esque approach to my gigs and tracks that I’m working on at the moment and I hope all who visit come away either enlightened or at least a slightly fairer shade from the experience.

For now, I just have to introduce the links that are currently available to those who wish to get involved in my music and ting;

Myspace - (NEVER updated I must add)

Soundcloud - (ALWAYS updated :D)

Mixcloud - (Only one mix up on it at the mo but more to come)

Twitter - (for all my inane ramblings and other shit)

And of course you can Google ‘Dub Fiend’ to find my Facebook page and shizz…

Check up again soon, where there’ll be more info on the release of my very first EP, a gig playing out in Wolverhampton next week and some work updates on some new tracks (including one involving Manchester’s very own Benicio)

Peace and Dubs peeps,

Dub Fiend